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Healthy Beverages Infographic – Are Shoppers Voting With Their Dollars

Being so involved in the healthy beverage industry we really like to stay closely connected to as many trends as we can when it comes to understanding customers drink purchasing decisions. Sure this requires a lot of data scrubbing and survey tracking but it is well worth it when it comes to predicting consumer demands and developing new and unique niche strategies. This SupermarketGuru infographic we found regarding the healthy beverage community really highlights a lot of the numbers that evaluate the thought processes and reasons behind why shoppers purchase the drinks that they do. Lets review a few of our favorite statistics from the infographic that we really took a lot away from.


Healthy Beverage Shopping Stat #1: 76% Cite Weight Loss As #1 Reason To Buy Health Drinks

Being a weight loss drink manufacture ourselves this is a number we have really taken to heart over the years. As you can lots and lots of people worry about their weight and to no surprise this plays a major role in their beverage buying decisions. Drinks that encourage calorie burning and help with weight management are extremely popular right now and this stat is great evidence of that.

Healthy Beverage Shopping Stat #2: 73% Say Nutrition Is Important When Picking Drinks

This really brings to the light that nutrition truly does play a vital role in the products buyers choose to support. One of the hardest aspects of this revelation we have found is that communicating how healthy certain beverage choices are is no easy task. Sure people want healthier drinks but how do they know which ones are actually good for them and which ones are just hiding behind fancy words and labeling only to be a net loss to actual health maintenance. We know saying and doing are two different actions all together which is why we have devoted a ton of focus on showing consumers just how healthy our products are.

Healthy Beverage Shopping Stat #3: 10% of People Say Their Diet Is As Healthy As It Can Be

This is a pretty amazing and telling detail. With 90% of the shopping public in doubt about the nutritional values of their diet there is lots of room for growth in terms of education and consumption. Most people want to improve their diets and eating habits but are often at a loss of where to start. He great thing about beverages is that they make healthy eating and living a balanced lifestyle more accessible which can go along way towards achieving the diet and nutrition goals we set out for ourselves.

Have a exercise and weight loss agenda you are trying to adhere to? What drinks and beverages do you think can help you get there? Let us know!

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